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Enveloped in the atmospheric white steam, the fatigue of your journey will be washed away Unzen has numerous hotels and inns coexisting with Mother Nature. Each one allows you to enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons. Enveloped in the atmospheric white steam, the fatigue of your journey will be washed away.

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Tucked deep away by a small, quiet bank on a duck pond. It is a space of relaxation and beauty, with the tastefulness of the Japanese aesthetic dashed with stylishness and luxury.

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2Unzen Iwaki Ryokan
Unzen Iwaki Ryokan

It is located next to Unzen Jigoku, and boasts the only 100% natural hot spring to spring in the premises with plentiful loads of hot water. Please relax and enjoy the outdoor bath.

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3Unzen Kanko Hotel
Unzen Kanko Hotel

We greet you with an unchanged expression embodied by the warmth of wood and the scent of fond nostalgia.

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4Yuyado Unzen Shinyu
Yuyado Unzen Shinyu

Since our foundation, we have provided hospitality allowing guests to enjoy a fulfilling day off among the backdrop of Unzen’s natural environment.

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5Unzen Sky Hotel
Unzen Sky Hotel

Boasting a natural sulfuric overflowing hot spring drawn directly from the source at Unzen Jigoku. Please enjoy after strolling the hot spring mountain of Unzen.

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6Unzen Fukudaya
Unzen Fukudaya

It is a heartwarming inn entirely in a Japanese folk-arts style. Please take a dip in the hot spring, enjoy the Unzen food, and restore your energy for the next day.

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7Unzen Miyazaki Ryokan
Unzen Miyazaki Ryokan

We deliver the spirit of hospitality. Since our founding, we have developed a spirit of hospitality allowing true relaxation.

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8Kyushu Hotel
Kyushu Hotel

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9Hotel Toyokan
Hotel Toyokan

Enjoy the gifts of nature and the changing seasons, and treat your taste buds to the flavors of the mountain and sea. Surrender yourself to the famous hot springs, and enjoy the views of the seasons.

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You can enjoy the hot springs, a blessing of nature with all of your senses. We support our customers in making their trip a wonderful memory.

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11Yumei Hotel
Yumei Hotel

As a cheerful, fresh hotel, while keeping tradition, we assist in the making of wonderful memories of our customers' travels.

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12Yumoto Hotel
Yumoto Hotel

We are the first accommodation facility in Unzen, as the Yumori Inn. We have enjoyed continued support for our nearly 300 years.

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13Ryotei Hanzuiryo
Ryotei  Hanzuiryo

Why not experience “a few days of getting back to yourself”? An incredible moment among Japan’s seasonal and traditional beauty begins now.

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Unzen hot springs local government / touris home list

14Kokuminsyukusya Seiunsou
Kokuminsyukusya Seiunsou

In the spring of 2012, we opened an outdoor bath and observatory lounge, where you can enjoy the four seasons of Unzen. We provide the same facilities and services as a hotel at the price of an inexpensive hotel run by the local government. Accommodation prices are the same regardless of the number of people, Saturdays, and days before holidays. (Excluding Obon and New Years.)

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15Minsyuku Unzen
Minsyuku Unzen

Lodgings overflowing with unchanged warmth. The appeal of down-home hospitality! A familial environment and cuisine from the freshest ingredients await you.
Wi-Fi available.

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16Minsyuku Shindo
Minsyuku Shindo

We strive for an environment of familial hospitality and relaxation, where guests will be able to say “I’m home” when they arrive, and “see you later” when they leave.

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17Minsyuku Sekiso
Minsyuku Sekiso

Each room features a view of the duck pond from the window.
Take it easy in this relaxing environment.

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18Minsyuku Marutoya
Minsyuku Marutoya

Founded in 1804, we are a long-established inn, at Kojigoku hot springs, carved into the south side of the lush, green Unzen. We boast Unzen's finest murky hot spring, drawn directly from the source to our overflowing bath, and you can enjoy the milky white bath as much as you wish.

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19Condominium Unzen Yokayu
Condominium Unzen Yokayu

Condominium Unzen Yokayu is basically a spa treatment facility with room which can be rented for long-term stays.
(However, short stays of one to three days are also welcome.)
Unzen Yokayu also has a hot spring for day trippers which offers an experience like staying at a holiday home.

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20Sudomari no Yado Mori no ie
Sudomari no Yado Mori no ie

Lodging made especially for stays not including meals.
Wi-Fi available.

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